Volvo 244 Project

Paul’s project 1981 Volvo 244

This car was purchased inexpensively with the intention of repairing a few simple problems and using it as a commuter or selling it for profit. Since then it has demanded an excessive amount of attention and investment but has turned into a clean and reliable Volvo.

In addition to a complete head gasket job the following parts have been replaced with new OEM pieces:
-Timing Belt and Tensioner
-Water Pump
-Coolant Reservoir
-Complete Exhaust System
-Oil and Filter
-Fuel Filter
-Ignition Cap, Rotor, Spark Plugs, and Wires

The car also has new tires, alignment, and a complete tune-up with all adjustments made to manufacturers to specs. I will update as the project continues.

Nice paint and a dent-free body


Clean interior


2 Responses to “Volvo 244 Project”

  1. James Phillips says:

    Nice ride, I have an ’81 non turbo with 191000 showing with the only issue being a/c not working. Not a problem for me having been in the HVACR industry for the past 12 years. Body has a small dent in front passenger door, it’s ivory with blue interior. With the exception of a faded package tray inside looks new! Your head gasket failure had to have been caused by cooling system neglect by previous owner. I’m looking forward to at least another 100k probably more since I’m a total car nut. Good luck with your “brick”!

  2. Paul says:

    These are great cars. my previous Volvo, a 245 had over 350K on it and still going strong. Thanks for the comment James.

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