Paul's Garage moves into a real garage!

It’s an exciting time here, for the past several years I’ve had access to a fine workshop but I have lacked my own “personal space” to concentrate on long-term projects, this looks like it will be the perfect place. I’ve got the Race Rabbit out of the rain for the long Oregon winter and the 911 will have a cozy home as well.

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With my new workspace, (and the motorcycle riding season sadly behind us), you can expect to see more frequent blog updates as well as new “how-to” articles as I attack the list of projects on my Porsche, continue the long overdue BMW 2002 engine rebuild, and finally get started on the Renault

Getting moved into Paul’s Garage
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Garage Updates:

This past week progress has continued on the BMW 2002 engine rebuild. the bottom-end has been completely disassembled and the parts are ready to be cleaned, measured, and machined as needed. The block is already at the machine shop for cleaning and re-boring for over-sized MaxSil Pistons. The cylinder head is back from the machine shop after receiving a thorough cleaning, pressure-testing, new valves, rocker-shafts, and related hardware.

The Porsche is wearing a newly installed stainless exhaust. After a bit of trading I ended up with a complete stainless system from a Carrera 3.2, while very similar to the earlier SC the exhaust system required a bit of modification to fit. Special thanks go out to my friend Trent for his exceptional TIG welding skills making this install possible. The new system sounds fantastic and there is a noticeable change in the car’s performance and willingness to rev.


2 Responses to “Paul's Garage moves into a real garage!”

  1. Jeff-ATL says:

    Paul, I just want to encourage you and thank you for such a nice job on this site. I have a 911 1982 I am beginning to work on and I really enjoyed the engine removal article. Keep up the great work!

    Best regards and a Very Happy New Year!

    Jeff – Atlanta

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you for the kind words Jeff. Look for more 911 articles soon. Good luck with your ’82, these are really great cars and doing your own work is always rewarding. -Paul

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