BMW 2002 : The rebuild begins

My daily-driver, a 1973 BMW 2002.
1973 BMW 2002 Paul's Daily Driver

This car was purchased about 4 years ago and the engine was showing signs of age then, it has been reliable and trouble-free but if you listen closely you can hear the timer running out. cialis online

A couple years back I picked up a complete engine from a fellow PNW 2002 group member, this past weekend I finally mounted it on an engine stand and began the disassembly process.

My goals for this project are not entirely formed yet, I know that I want to keep the car completely streetable and reliable. There is a modest budget for the project as the car is nice but so nice that it warrants a huge-money drivetrain. I plan at this point to simply rebuild the bottom-end and head using stock components while having the rotating mass all balanced, probably a lightened flywheel, street cam, and header to round out the package as a fun yet solid daily driver.

I will continue to add updates as this long-term project progresses, If you have experience with 2002s please feel free to share your comments or suggestions.

This is the engine as I found it, from an older model it has the 121ti head and flat-top pistons.



I was told this was a good running engine, the insides are clean and complete so I have no reason to doubt that. So far this project is on track.