BMW 2002 : The rebuild begins

My daily-driver, a 1973 BMW 2002.
1973 BMW 2002 Paul's Daily Driver

This car was purchased about 4 years ago and the engine was showing signs of age then, it has been reliable and trouble-free but if you listen closely you can hear the timer running out. cialis online

A couple years back I picked up a complete engine from a fellow PNW 2002 group member, this past weekend I finally mounted it on an engine stand and began the disassembly process.

My goals for this project are not entirely formed yet, I know that I want to keep the car completely streetable and reliable. There is a modest budget for the project as the car is nice but so nice that it warrants a huge-money drivetrain. I plan at this point to simply rebuild the bottom-end and head using stock components while having the rotating mass all balanced, probably a lightened flywheel, street cam, and header to round out the package as a fun yet solid daily driver.

I will continue to add updates as this long-term project progresses, If you have experience with 2002s please feel free to share your comments or suggestions.

This is the engine as I found it, from an older model it has the 121ti head and flat-top pistons.



I was told this was a good running engine, the insides are clean and complete so I have no reason to doubt that. So far this project is on track.


6 Responses to “BMW 2002 : The rebuild begins”

  1. Brian Yorgey says:

    I have a soft spot for the 2002. I spent most of a summer (1971?) driving around the country pedaling and installing turbochargers from an English company in 2002s and Mercury Capri’s.

  2. Paul says:

    Wow Brian, that sounds like a cool summer! I don’t suppose you have any of those turbo kits laying around still do you?

  3. Brian Yorgey says:

    Some was fun and some was not. I remember having a great time in Milwaukee, WI. But the guy from England brought his German girlfriend along and was so cheap that it was sometimes three of us in one hotel room…. Yeah, it was the early 70s.

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    […] about this motor. Naturally I went to bed with visions of that badass motor in something like Paul’s 2002 project. I should’ve realized that the price was far too low, but I wanted to believe it could be […]

  5. Steve Lodefink says:


    I have a had a 73 2002 as my daily for the last 14 years. I just got a 911 3.2 as my “other car”. The 911 is an amazing machine, but I have to say, in a lot of ways, I like the 2002 better. 2 different kinds of fun. One thing’s for sure, I sure do like adjusting the valves better on the ’02.



  6. Paul says:

    What ever happened to your project? I ran across this as I was looking for 911sc info, (I have a ’78). I am a former 2002 owner that went through the engine rebuild also. I nice improvement are the tii hi compression pistons. I had johnny at Autosport in Seattle do all the machining. He also had a TISA cam profile which really woke up that engine. After putting in the 320is 5 speed, that 2002 has been one of my most favorite cars of all time. Good Luck, I hope you still have it!

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