Project updates

Over the past couple cialis online months Paul’s garage projects have continued at their usual glacial pace. The good news is that both BMW engines are finally back together and on the road.

This week I plan to wake the hibernating Jaguar and drag it out of it’s winter cave.

The following are some photos of the BMW work as it progressed.

The completed long block

The transmission, cleaned up and resealed.

The engine bay after many hours of cleaning

Engine installed.

Back on the road!

In contrast to the effort required by the 2002 engine the R75/5 motorcycle is so simple and easy to work on that it became a Friday evening project. Each week I would spend an hour or so with it in my cold garage with a cold beer, it proved to be good therapy after a long week of work. I had the cylinder heads refurbished with new valves, springs, and guides. The bottom-end still looked like new with no noticeable wear to the rod bearings so I simply cleaned up the pistons and installed new rings, honed the barrels and reassembled everything. I’ve put around 500 miles on since the refresh and she’s running great. I’m looking forward to the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists ride and swap this year in Corvallis. This is a fun event no matter what you ride but it will be nice to fit in on a vintage steed this year.

Parts ready for reassembly.

Piston-ring install

Cylinder head going back home.